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What I Eat In a Day! | With Nutritional Breakdown

by request, today i’m  show you what i eat in a typical day. i want to make a quick disclaimer: you do not have to eat the way that i eat to be a vegan. if you are new to being vegan, or are a non-vegan considering veganism, i want you to know  that there are as many ways to be vegan as there are to be non-vegan. veganism is a lifestyle of abundance and variety and there is no one way to do it.  regardless of your preferences or your budget, you can always find a way to be vegan that works for you.

that said, here’s an overview of what i ate today:

Breakfast:  Valencia Oranges, 3lbs [counting the edible portion, not rind] = 564 calories

i personally love eating a high carb raw vegan diet, which consists of fresh fruit and greens.  i typically start the day with a “juicy” fruit like oranges, tangerines, cantaloupe, honeydew, etc.  lately i’ve been getting this delicious organic cantaloupe but it didn’t come in this week, so my breakfast today is valencia oranges! (read more + resources)

Roadside FAILS | Crazy Road Trip Day 2

join me for the second day of the ridiculous road trip to retrieve Ooby the bulldog from Iowa!  my friend and fellow bulldog-lover Renee and i flew up to Iowa from Florida to bring Ooby down to where i am living now.  it had been almost 6 months since i’d seen Ooby.  you can watch the underwhelming reunion in day one of the trip.

day two was, overall, a day of failure from a pure productivity standpoint.  we didn’t make it very far on the actual road, but we did have some interesting roadside experiences.  we happened through Metropolis, IL, a town that has officially declared itself the “home of superman.”  the gas station we stopped at had cutouts of both superman and wonder woman that you could place your head on top of for a photo-op.  so, naturally, we decided to hold Ooby up to wonder woman.  it was not entirely successful… (read more + resources)

The Best Way to Eat Vegan, My Vegan Journey, and SASHA Farm

in this video i answer some of your questions, like when, how, and why did i go vegan?  just how old am i?  what are my thought on Raw Till 4, and more!

for this blog post, i’d like to highlight two key issues.  the first is concerning SASHA Farm animal sanctuary.  SASHA is the midwest’s largest farm animal sanctuary. they state that “at our shelter, not only do we provide food and water, veterinary care and a roof over their heads, we also give the animal residents affection, social interaction with others of their own species, and a sense of security.”

i’ve volunteered at SASHA several times, absolutely loved my times there, and plan to continue volunteering when i’m back in the midwest.  getting to see these animals live out their lives in safety is heartwarming and life-changing.

it is an absolute necessity to provide sanctuary for the animals that escape or are freed from the various horrific industries that exist.  SASHA can only do so i they receive support and volunteers.  please visit their website to see how you can help and get involved.  every little be counts.

the second point i’d like to highlight is about the “best” way to eat vegan.  there are a lot of vegan food and diet trends out there and i’m often asked what is the best way to eat?  is is raw?  raw till 4? cooked vegan?  so i figured i’d share my opinion on the various vegan diet options and which one i think is the best. (read more + resources)

Vitamin B12 Deficiency: Not Just for Vegans Anymore!

One of the greatest controversies about going vegan is the concern about B12 deficiency. Seriously, vegans, even more-so than non-vegans many times, will majorly throw down over whether you should supplement or not. It gets a bit intense…So, I may live to regret this…but let’s talk about B12!

Most people think that the only foods naturally containing vitamin B12 are animal-derived foods. This is not true. In a sense NO foods, whether plant or animal-based,  in and of themselves naturally contain B12.

We get our B12 from two sources: dirt and us. Let me clarify. B12 is a waste product of bacteria that can be found in soil and inside your body, namely your mucosa and intestines. It’s also found in bacteria in the mouth, around the teeth, in the nasopharynx, around the tonsils and in the tonsilar crypts, in the folds at the base of the tongue, and in the upper bronchial tree.

Of course animal products will contain B12 because the animals eat food from the soil as well as produce their own B12 just like humans, though the exact process can vary from species to species. Though with the crap we feed our food animals, farmers today actually inject their livestock with B12 in order to be able to say their animal products contain B12. (read more + resources)