i truly believe that everyone can be an activist.  trust me, if i can do it, anyone can!  i recently had the privilege of speaking  at VegFest in orlando, FL, on effective digital activism through the medium of video.  by popular demand, i’m sharing the speech with you today in an unconventionally large vegan nugget (a little more than bite size).  i’m going to post the transcript of the speech in this blog post (minus the inserted video cutaways), for those who would like to read instead of watch or follow along with the video.  i hope that my story can help spark your journey towards your own form of activism: (read more + resources)

today i’m going to take you along with me to vegfest in orlando florida. vegfest is an annual festival held in multiple cities all around the us and internationally to promote veganism, vegetarianism, healthy lifestyles, environmentalism, animal rights, and really, really good food.  i’d never before attended a vegfest before, always figuring that i’m already vegan so what’s the point? (read more + resources)

one of the most challenging aspects of adopting a vegan lifestyle is dealing with the reactions of friends and family.  this can be particularly difficult for brand new vegans attempting to navigate the social and interpersonal dynamics of dietary conflict. in this interview, vegan activist Gary Yourofsky shares his approach to both non-vegan friends & family and also people who become combative about the vegan message. (read more + resources)