vitamin d is of course associate with the sun, but with estimates of around 70% of the population being deficient, we’re apparently not getting the exposure we require. now this is an oversimplification of the matter as vitamin d comes in two basic forms: d2 and d3. d2 is present in vegetables and various supplements and d3 is mainly formed from our skin’s exposure to the sun, but is also present in a variety of animal products, like fatty fish and their oils, beef liver, egg yolks, and fortified dairy and grain products. the fortified products, however, have marginal levels for the most part, and are not well regulated. so what’s a vegan, particularly a vegan in non-tropical climates, to do? well, in this fifth video in my nutrient series with nutrition powerhouse dr. michael greger of, we’ll tackled the vitamin d debacle. (read more + resources)

hunting is often brought forth as an ethical alternative to factory farming. but does the method by which an animal is killed effect the morality of their death? [tweet this] and does killing our own dinner imbue the meal with greater justification than if it were factory farmed? there’s been quite a lot of debate over this ethical quandary, and i figured i might as well take a shot…y’know…cause it’s like hunting? …[that’s not a very vegan joke]  (read more + resources)

one of the most common stereotypes we vegans come up against is that of the weak, pale, iron-deficient anemic vegan. dietary iron is strongly associated with meat consumption, particularly red meat, meaning the flesh of cows, pigs, lamb, and other animals. so what’s a vegan to do when it come to getting adequate iron levels? this is the fourth video post in my nutrient series with nutrition powerhouse dr michael greger of so far we’ve covered protein, omega fatty acids, and calcium. and now, let’s hear from dr. greger on the matter of iron in a plant based diet. (read more + resources)

this is a non-graphic version of gary’s poem.  you can find find the original here.  gary yourofsky is no stranger to powerful words.  but in today’s video post you will hear him in a way you never have before in all of his talks and interviews.  gary wrote a spoken word piece in 1996 about the atrocities we inflict upon animals every single day- about the horrors they experience.  and now, 19 year later, i have the distinct pleasure of bringing his words to life in a video.  i am humbled and honored.  i hope you listen and watch and give these animals their voice. (read more + resources)

harper and kohl were best friends. they’d been through serious trauma together and made it out on the other side- not without significant injury- but bonded closer than ever. the pair were inseparable. then came the day that kohl could no longer walk. the pain was too great. and he passed away. harper laid beside him for hours. in the following weeks, he kept himself isolated from others, just sitting near the pond he and kohl used to frequent. two months later, harper, grief-stricken, passed away as well. kohl and harper, these loyal friends, were ducks. (read more + resources)