something i always emphasize about a vegan diet is that there is an infinite number of ways to eat vegan and everyone can find a way that works for them. you see, there’s a common misconception that going vegan means adopting a super healthy diet composed primarily of sprouts and wheatgrass juice enemas. (am i the only one?) that it means living a life of dietary deprivation without ever getting to eat any “real food.” well i’m here to tell you that veganism is not a limitation (read more + resources)

this is the third day of the three-day road trip to bring my beloved vegan bulldog ooby to florida (where i’m currently living) from iowa (where i was living). come along with us as renee tells you how to stalk celebrities proper and ooby finally meets renee’s bulldog nutmeg…in an underwhelming encounter. (read more + resources)

what’s the vegan stance on horseback riding? is riding horses cruel? this is quite the controversial topic and one i will be covering in more than one video and blog post.

for this initial look into horseback riding, i’m going to first address the question of whether riding horse is vegan and then i’ll move into whether it’s cruel. (read more + resources)

i eat bananas a little differently than most people- i eat the peel and you should too!

back when i posted my what i eat in a day video, i mentioned that i eat the peels of my bananas and people kind of flipped out, though not as much as they did about the lettuce.  they wanted to know the reasons for eating the peels and whether it was beneficial and safe.  to be honest, i started eating the peels simply because i liked the taste!  it was really only after being asked about it that i looked into all the benefits of eating the peel. (read more + resources)


i want to tell you a story. it’s a story of fighting against all odds. of escaping certain death. this is a story of survival.

today i want to talk a little about the importance of farm animal sanctuaries and share the incredible stories of some sanctuary residents. now a lot of my videos focus on the horrors of the animal products industry, and we cannot ever lose sight of those atrocities. we slaughter over 150 billion animals every year; that’s over 5,000 killed every second.

but there are some survivors. they are few and they are miracles. they are refugees from the most vicious, longest, and bloodiest war our planet has ever seen. these few who manage to escape need sanctuary- a place to live out their lives free of the exploitation they so narrowly avoided. this is the role farm sanctuaries play: they are safe houses for refugees, providing shelter, food, water, and, most importantly, freedom. (read more + resources)