where does one draw the line when it comes to respecting the lives of other beings?  as a vegan, i’m often asked “how far” i take the tenants of not harming living creatures.  this often comes in the form of “do you kill bugs?” or “what about when you’re driving or walking and run over insects?”  while these questions can sometimes be delivered in an aggressive or provocative manner, i believe they are valid and important issues to address.  in this interview, vegan activist gary yourofsky shares his views on the rights of insects. (read more + resources)

i’m going to be very open and transparent with you today and if you know me, you know that i’m a no bs kind of girl. when i first started bite size vegan i didn’t know if anyone was going to see my videos, but i wanted to at least try to make some difference for the animals. since the day i sat on my floor in front of my computer and recorded that first video, bite size vegan has grown to become an ever-expanding free educational resource reaching thousands of people with the message of veganism. i have a file on my computer filled with messages of people who have gone vegan because of the bite size vegan videos and existing vegans who have used them to find the confidence to speak up about veganism and take action for the animals. i cannot put into words how much these messages mean to me and i want to continue this work- reach more people, save more animals, and change more lives. but i need your help. (read more + resources)

vegetarians and vegans are usually lumped together as though they are synonymous terms, but are the differences greater than the similarities? what exactly separates the two? and is vegetarianism really a healthy, moral way of living? let’s take a look at the critical differences between these two ways of life and examine the true nature of vegetarianism. (read more + resources)