if you’re a kid and you kind of like gross stuff, then this video is totally for you!!!  welcome to the third video just for kids!  today we’re going to talk about eggs and why they’re super gross! [tweet this] and in case you missed the other two videos, [the first video was all about milk and the second was all about meat] i’ll say again that i won’t be showing you anything scary, though we will talk about some gross stuff and sometimes sad stuff, that i promise to not talk down to you [cause it’s pretty annoying when adults do that, like we somehow forget that kids are smart] and i promise tell you the truth no matter what. (read more + resources)

it’s pretty obvious that bodybuilding and all its iterations, like bikini competing, fitness modeling, physique, figure, and the like, are all about how you look. and something that’s surprisingly rarely discussed, especially less than steroid and substance use, is the affect such competition can have on one’s body image and mental health. today pro bikini competitor samantha shorkey gives us a peak behind the curtain and shares why bodybuilding isn’t for everyone. [tweet this(read more + resources)

this past weekend was my mother’s birthday gathering with some of her closest friends.  the whole group were omnivores, so i decided to try some vegan ice cream recipes to see how they hold up to an omnivorous palate.  watch the video if you want to see the making action in a totally non-expertly filmed manner, and you can find the recipes below! [tweet this] (read more + resources)

the animal agriculture industry is shrouded in secrecy. we don’t see where our food comes from or what the beings who become our meals go through to get to our plates. and frankly, we don’t want to. but there’s one group that wants to open our eyes and not look away. they instead go into the belly of the beast and attempt to give some solace, even if fleeting, to animal bound for slaughter. [tweet this] (read more + resources)

in the quest for fitness and, let’s be honest, the quest for looking good, one of the areas we tend to focus on much is our abs. most people agree that having nice abs is desirable. but when it comes to how to get such abs, any kind of agreement ends there. (read more + resources)