with the holiday season upon us, whether you’re celebrating christmas, hanukkah, kwanzaa or what have you, gift-giving and proper present selection can be a daunting task for non-vegan friends of vegans, new vegans, and even old-timer vegans like myself. so rather than waste time meticulously reading product labels or searching out that one obscure specialty vegan boutique, i thought i’d share with you my top two vegan holiday gift resources. and, as a bonus, show you how to get 10% everything you buy- an offer exclusive to bite size vegan viewers. because statistics show that viewers of bite size vegan videos are 342.56% more awesome than non-viewers. and you can’t argue with science. (read more + resources)

there are honestly countless reasons to go vegan: ethics and morality, environmental impact, societal impact- specifically world hunger, and personal health and appearance, to name a few.  yet not everyone who goes vegan stays vegan.  do some of these reasons have less “sticking power” than others?  are your health and appearance enough motivation to keep you vegan? or does it need to go a bit deeper?  hear vegan activist gary yourofsky’s take on this in this installation of the gary yourofsky interview series. (read more + resources)

the overpopulation of deer in suburban areas can become a particularly dangerous situation when it comes to vehicular accidents. the most commonly proposed solution to this problem is hunting deer to thin out the population. but is hunting really an effective method of controlling deer populations? without of hunting, would we be completely overrun by a new mutant breed of deer overlords? let’s find out! (read more + resources)