veganism is all about causing the least amount of harm possible. but according to a recent article, due to the process of harvesting crops, vegan and vegetarian diets actually carry a higher body count and environmental cost than their omnivorous counterparts. so is it time for us vegans to get on the grass-fed-beef-bandwagon? let’s find out. (read more + resources)

if you are alive, you will cause other beings harm- even death.  this inevitable fact is often used against vegans as proof that the core of veganism is hypocritical and flawed.  is our inability to avoid inadvertent harm truly a weakness in the tenants of veganism?  can anyone be “fully” vegan?  i brought this controversial question to vegan activist gary yourofsky for his take on the matter. (read more + resources)

holidays can be one of the most difficult times for new vegans, especially when around non-vegan family.  given that food is such a cornerstone of our social interactions and traditions, making changes in your eating habits can be incredibly intimidating.  but the change doesn’t have to be so extreme- you don’t have to give up your favorite meals to eat cruelty-free.  to show you just how abundant your thanksgiving can be, i’ve brought in a team of culinary specialists to share with you some delicious vegan thanksgiving recipes.  it’s time for an epically ethical thanksgiving dinner! (read more + resources)