vegetarians and vegans are usually lumped together as though they are synonymous terms, but are the differences greater than the similarities? what exactly separates the two? and is vegetarianism really a healthy, moral way of living? let’s take a look at the critical differences between these two ways of life and examine the true nature of vegetarianism. (read more + resources)

are you a non-vegan with questions about veganism? are you a vegan and unsure of how to answer the things people ask you? do you want vegan answers but refuse to read books that don’t have pretty pictures? are you kind of a cheap ass? then do i have the book for you! it’s my free ebook called vegan answers to common questions and objections. (read more + resources)

there’s a lot of controversy health-wise around the consumption of soy- especially about the production of estrogen. with it being such a strong alternative to meat and other animal products, it seems that it can be a stumbling block for people to going towards veganism, especially men who get worried about the feminizing hormones. in this interview, vegan activist gary yourofsky give his 2 cents on the soy controversy. (read more + resources)

what do you think you would have to do to be labeled an International Terrorist?  what would it take?  assassinations?  bombings? how about freeing animals?  how about giving living beings on death row a chance at life?  how about liberation?  believe it or not those are the actions that led to gary yourofsky‘s classification as an international terrorist and his being banned from several countries.  he tells you all about it in this interview. (read more + resources)

do you want a bigger bite of bite size vegan?  if you’ve been around my channel at all you know that my videos are always 5 minutes or less. so your brain may have exploded a little bit when my interview with gary on monday was 5 minutes and 23 seconds! what the f*@#! was i thinking?! (read more + resources)