with the recent “beyonce vegan debacle,” it’s easy to lose faith on so-called vegans in the public eye.  well, comedian myq kaplan [sic] is the real deal. he’s a 2010 last comic standing finalist and has appeared on the tonight show, the late show with david letterman, comedy central presents, conan, and many other places that you might not care about. you can listen to myq’s podcast, hang out with me, on the keith and the girl network. his debut cd, vegan mind meld, was one of itunes’ top ten best-selling comedy albums in 2010, followed by meat robot in 2013 and the upcoming small dork and handsome in 2014. and he needs to update his website bio… [it’s 2015]  the most important aspect of myq for our purposes is that he’s vegan, which defines him over everything else he may identify himself by and outshines any other accomplishment he’s ever made. [tweet this] (read more + resources)

sometimes you meet an athlete who does things that make your jaw drop. my guest today is one of them.  tim “livewire” shieff is a professional parkour and freerunning world champion who’s been on mtv’s ultimate parkour challenge, numerous commercials and campaigns, and graced the obstacle courses of american ninja warrior numerous times, leading the european team to victory. i could go on and on about is athletic prowess, but i highly recommend watching the video above for some solid visual proof. [tweet this] (read more + resources)

the annual yulin dog-eating festival has once again sparked worldwide outrage and controversy. and as a vegan animal activist working fulltime to educate people about the rights of non-human animals and environmental, social, and health impacts of dietary choice, i’m here to say…what’s everyone so upset about? [tweet this] (read more + resources)

the middle ages, also referred to as medieval times, the more-world-inclusive “postclassical era” or the dark ages [1] comprise roughly the time between the fall of the western roman empire in 476 [2] ce and 1453 with the end of the eastern roman empire with the fall of constantinople.[3] still, the exact dates of what we call the middle ages remains hotly debated within historical scholarship. what is less hotly, if at all, debated is the questions: were there vegans? [tweet this] (read more + resources)

we vegans tend to talk about food and nutrition a lot, whether by our own interest or in answering the frequent questions we receive about where we get x, y, or z nutrient. and athletes tend to be obsessed with talking about nutrition and macros and all that. so vegan athletes can be a force to be reckoned with. but do any of us really know what we’re talking about? well you can be sure my guest today does. not only is he vegan and an athlete- actually ultra-athlete, but to top it off, he’s a registered dietitian. (read more + resources)