if you’re a vegan, they you most certainly know why i chose to phrase the title of this video post as i did.  it’s the timeless question we vegans so often get: “so…where do you get your protein?”  rather than a witty retort dripping with sarcasm, as you may normally expect from me, i’m excited to bring to you the first video of a new series covering all the major nutrients of concern on a vegan diet, with incredible dr. michael greger of nutritionfacts.org.  it’s time to bring in some series science, ya’ll. (read more + resources)

what do you do when you see “roadkill”?  it’s a pretty common site in our world, one many of us become numb to by necessity or simply lack of awareness.  in this final vlog from my move up the coast from florida to massachusetts, i show you what i do with roadkill, as well as hangout with some of you in a seedy motel room, and finally make it to my new home.  come along with me! (read more + resources)

being the only vegan at work, amongst your friends, or at social gatherings can certainly be a challenge.  but nothing seems to be quite as difficult as being the only vegan in your family, or with a non-vegan significant other.  how do you navigate these relationships and interpersonal interactions?  well i sat down and spoke with vegan author, speaker, and joyful vegan colleen patrick-goudreau about this very subject. (read more + resources)

do you have dry skin? do your eyes itch? have back pain? constipation? can’t stop sh*#&ing? can’t get it up? gnarly toe fungus? premature…y’know? hair where you don’t want it? no hair where you do want it? zits? boils? wrinkles? digestive issues? has your head come off?  well, you’re gonna need some drugs!

[side effects of this post may include an awareness of factual truths, frustration at the current status quo in the medical field, increased brain activity, confidence in choosing your own medical treatment, the uncontrollable need hit the thumbs up (or down) button, peace of mind of knowing what you are ingesting, and….anal leakage.] [tweet this] (read more + resources)

while i was moving up the coast of the us recently from florida to massachusetts, i did some vlogging, as many of you, my dear readers and viewers, have requested more informal videos now and again.  so, today’s is part of day two of my move, in which i expound upon my branding experience, my social media phobia, and possible prostitution among other things.  if you know me, you know i mix the serious in with the ridiculous. (read more + resources)