if you’re at all familiar with my channel and website, then you know that i have a free ebook. it’s available for anyone who signs up for my nugget newsletter and you also get access to the viv area containing exclusive videos, deals, and my personally assembled list of vegan resources.  well, now, the ebook has gotten even more accessible because an awesome bite size vegan viewer- okay, well, you’re all awesome- alberto martinez, aka moshpirit as he’s known online, translated the whole thing into spanish. so now when you get into the viv area you can download both languages. [tweet this: english | español] (read more + resources)

when initially going vegan, it’s all about eliminating meat, dairy, and eggs. then, as time goes on, you start to learn about other issues, like honey, wool, sugar, horse riding, medication and…alcohol. some new vegans completely overhaul their life and health and eliminate drinking entirely- but this is not the case for everyone, nor does it have to be. vegans comes in as many shapes and sizes as non-vegans- some are straight edge, some are alcoholics in recovery, some enjoy drinking, some simply don’t like it, and some abstain for health or religious reasons.

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if there’s one nutrient that every vegan is interrogated about, it’s most likely protein. but after protein, it’s vitamin b12.  today’s video post is the sixth in the “where do you get your___?” vegan nutrition concerns series with the nutritionally sound dr. michael greger of nutritionfacts.org. now i’ve already done an entire nugget on b12 addressing how it’s made, why we aren’t getting enough of it in today’s society and how it’s way more than a “vegan problem.” but today i’m going to let dr. greger answer this quandary and i’ll come back in to wrap it up. [tweet this] (read more + resources)

navigating social situations can be one of the more challenging aspects of veganism, especially for new vegans and those considering going vegan. it’s one of the major concerns i hear from people: how will i eat out, what will i tell my friends, how can i still be social?  well, everyone’s journey into veganism is different, so there is no one answer. some vegans refuse to eat in situations where animals and their byproducts are being served while others simply eat their vegan meals alongside omnivorous ones.  author and speaker colleen patrick-goudreau addresses this dynamic often in her writing, so last time i spoke with her, i asked her to share her take on the matter. so let’s hear from her and then and then i’ll come back in and share some of my own thoughts. [tweet this] (read more + resources)

today’s video post is a very special vegan nugget for a very special birthday girl. this nugget is all about ooby, my vegan english bulldog companion and the real star of bite size vegan.  i’ve gotten a lot of questions about ooby over the time that i’ve done bite size vegan. so, i thought today, i would go over some of the questions and tell you a little bit about the bulldog behind the bite size vegan. [tweet this] (read more + resources)