Veganism Is Metal As F@#$! | Interview With the Vegan Black Metal Chef

you may think being vegan is the right thing to do, that it’s compassionate and responsible, good for the environment, the planet, your own health and, of course the animals. but did you also know that veganism is metal as f&*%!? (read more + resources)

Does Violence Have a Place in Animal Liberation? | Gary Yourofsky

is violence ever truly necessary? does it have a place within the vegan animal rights movement?  vegan activist gary yourofsky thinks so and thus is a very controversial figure within the vegan community- particularly for a specific quote from on of his essays on violence. in this interview, gary shares the full explanation of his stance on violence and when he feels it is necessary. (read more + resources)

Is Sugar Vegan?

the question of sugar’s vegan-ness is one that usually comes from the already vegan-conscious- because what non-vegan is checking into the potential animal ingredients in seemingly un-animally things, really?  well the answer to this question is more complicated than a simple yes or no as it depends on a number of factors.  one of these is how you define the term “vegan.” if you are speaking purely from a food ingredient standpoint then yes sugar is vegan. it does not contain animal products.  however, if you’re coming at it from a process perspective, then most commercial cane sugar is not vegan. (read more + resources)

Veganism & Religion | Gary Yourofsky

for one reason or another, veganism and religion are often portrayed as mutually exclusive. this is highlighted by the “god put animals here for our use so it’s okay to eat them” argument. but are religious views and practices truly in conflict with the tenants of veganism? during my interview session with vegan activist gary yourofsky i asked him for his view on the intersection of veagnism and religion. (read more + resources)

Cheeseburger Addict to Vegan | Tino the Bananiac’s Transformation

sometimes vegans come from the most unlikely of places.  say you meet a guy that’s a total fast-food junkie, cheesburger addict without any regard for animal rights- it’s not even on his radar.  how likely do you think it would be for this “bro” of sorts to go vegan?  well, believe it or not that is the story of my guest today- from an animal-products-filled diet to a passionate vegan health advocate.
(read more + resources)