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Bite Size Vegan Pecan Pie Bites | Easy, Cheap & Raw!

today i’m going to show you how to make delicious bite size vegan raw pecan pies that are ready in less than a minute!  this is a “recipe” i have made for thanksgiving in the past, and it’s always gone over great with vegans and non-vegans alike.  veganism doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive.  you can make simple vegan recipes that are quick and cheap and still taste great!  i’m a big fan of simple, low-maintenance eating.  while there are a lot of complex vegan recipes out there, i’m all about simplicity without sacrificing taste.  and these bite size pecan pies definitely hit the spot. (read more + resources)

Issues With The Ice Bucket Challenge

the ice bucket challenge has become a viral phenomenon as of late. the web is dripping with doused celebrities, and facebook has basically become a virtual luge. recently, pamela anderson refused to take part in the challenge, stating that als research is carried out on animals in cruel, ineffective experiments.

her comments and resulting debate have created a false dichotomy concerning the ice bucket challenge and what it represents: that you are either in support of finding a cure for a tragic, debilitating disease, or you put the lives of animals above those of humans and care more about lab rats than a person with als who can no longer walk. now i call this a false dichotomy for a reason. in reality, if your primary concern is finding a cure for als, then you too should be equally against animal testing. (read more + resources)

Why Vegans Have Better Sex & How You Can Too!

have you ever heard that vegans have better sex? well, its true! going vegan may be the best thing you could do for your sex life. there are countless reasons to become vegan, from animal rights to the environment, to boosting your performance in the sack! here are six of the ways a vegan diet benefits you in the bedroom:

1. Increase Blood Flow

going vegan is like running a roto-rooter through your arteries. diets high in animal products, and thus fat, not only restrict blood flow by narrowing your arteries, but also pump your body full of synthetic hormones and antibiotics. (read more + resources)

What Would Happen to The Animals If The World Went Vegan Tomorrow?

this question has been asked many a time to many a vegan. it usually comes in one of two forms: 1) what would happen to all the food animals? and 2) what about population control? won’t the animals overtake us if we don’t keep eating them?

first off, as much as i’d love for it to happen, the world is not going to go vegan overnight. but lets say, for arguments sake, that it does. the food industry, like all industries, is all about supply and demand. if we don’t demand animal products, they will cease to be supplied. so farmers would cease breeding animals for food.  for the animals that are already there, the worst case scenario would be that, finding there is no longer a demand for their “product,” farmers might abandon or slaughter their remaining animals. in the best case scenario, the animals would be sent to sanctuaries. but even the worst case scenario is countless times better than the continuation of our current system of slaughtering billions of animals a year. (read more + resources)

What I Eat In a Day! | With Nutritional Breakdown

by request, today i’m  show you what i eat in a typical day. i want to make a quick disclaimer: you do not have to eat the way that i eat to be a vegan. if you are new to being vegan, or are a non-vegan considering veganism, i want you to know  that there are as many ways to be vegan as there are to be non-vegan. veganism is a lifestyle of abundance and variety and there is no one way to do it.  regardless of your preferences or your budget, you can always find a way to be vegan that works for you.

that said, here’s an overview of what i ate today: (read more + resources)