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Health Benefits of Eating Banana PEELS!

i eat bananas a little differently than most people- i eat the peel and you should too!

back when i posted my what i eat in a day video, i mentioned that i eat the peels of my bananas and people kind of flipped out, though not as much as they did about the lettuce.  they wanted to know the reasons for eating the peels and whether it was beneficial and safe.  to be honest, i started eating the peels simply because i liked the taste!  it was really only after being asked about it that i looked into all the benefits of eating the peel. (read more + resources)

Cow Escapes Slaughterhouse & Finds Sanctuary At SASHA Farm


i want to tell you a story. it’s a story of fighting against all odds. of escaping certain death. this is a story of survival.

today i want to talk a little about the importance of farm animal sanctuaries and share the incredible stories of some sanctuary residents. now a lot of my videos focus on the horrors of the animal products industry, and we cannot ever lose sight of those atrocities. we slaughter over 150 billion animals every year; that’s over 5,000 killed every second.

but there are some survivors. they are few and they are miracles. they are refugees from the most vicious, longest, and bloodiest war our planet has ever seen. these few who manage to escape need sanctuary- a place to live out their lives free of the exploitation they so narrowly avoided. this is the role farm sanctuaries play: they are safe houses for refugees, providing shelter, food, water, and, most importantly, freedom. (read more + resources)

Was Hitler A Vegetarian?

if you ever have an extended conversation about veganism, and maybe even one not so extended, there are two things that i guarantee will be brought up: bacon and hitler.  though “hitler bacon” would be a new one.

i’m going to address the validity of the “hitler was vegetarian ‘argument'” after i first address its value. let’s say hitler was a vegetarian, or a vegan even. so what?   how about all of the horrific people in history who were not vegan or vegetarian? does that mean that every person who consumes animal products is automatically on the same level as stalin, osama bin laden, jeffery dahmer, or countless other animal-consuming sociopaths throughout history?  it’s simply not a valid argument, or really an argument at all. so lets get down to the facts about hitler himself, shall we? (read more + resources)

Want To Interview Gary Yourofsky Yourself? Here’s How!

have you ever watched any of gary yourofsky’s powerful talks and interviews and wanted to ask him a question of your very own?  well, here’s your chance!   as some of you may know, i recently met up with my friend and mentor gary yourofsky.  we are working on a vide collaboration together that i’m super excited about and that will be released on the bite size vegan channel when it’s done, but we also took some time to do an interview.  however florida is a gross and fickle state and while we planned to film in a lovely park, a rainstorm hit and we had to make do in an overhang outside a daycare.  which is kind of super creepy… (read more + resources)

Is Eating Animals A Personal Choice?

there is very little that will ever get someone as upset and defensive as when you tell them what to eat. many conversations about veganism find their way to this point: the statement that you can’t tell people what to eat because it’s their personal choice. this often comes in the adage: “i respect your choice to be vegan, you should respect my right not to be.”but when our right to make our own dietary choice begins to infringe upon the rights of others, whose rights take priority?

(read more + resources)